Set in the mouldering cathedral city of Cloisterham, the mystery unfolds as you discover the intersecting stories of its characters. Cue a schizophrenic choirmaster, an eccentric reverend, fiery twins with geographically untraceable accents and many more wacky characters who all have one thing in common: reason to murder Edwin Drood.

Whodunnit? The audience decides. Once Drood has disappeared, the audience is asked to vote on key questions regarding the outcome of the plot. The company will then contrive an ending in accordance with your specifications.


Director - Rebecca Simmonds

Producer - Lewis McKenzie

Musical Director (Chorus) - Amanda MacLeod

Musical Director (Soloists) - Ashton Brower

Choreographer - Chloe Roy

Technical Manager - Tara Mahboub

Stage Manager - Amy Macrae

Set Manager - Eleanor Angelinetta

Costume Manager - Phoebe Hainsworth


Chairman - Dominic Corbett

Jane Throttle - Camilla Ginty

John Jasper - Campbell Keith

Edwin Drood - Giselle Yonace

Rosa Bud - Alexandra Pittock

Helena Landless - Lucy Evans

Neville Landless - Zachary Small

Reverend Crisparkle - Austin Nuckols

The Princess Puffer - Ari L’Heveder

Durdles - Joe McArdle

Deputy - Eric Geistfeld

Flo - Ellie Sager

Constable Horace - Jay Cameron

Bazzard - Conor McFarlane

Samuel Burkett
Dan Harris
Thomas Ware
Ruth Brown
Georgie Malcolm
Robin Morrison
Deborah Sewell