In celebration of 100 EUSOG shows we revisit the year of our founding, 1961, to present Gilbert & Sullivan's classic operetta.

Step inside the Mikado's government offices and join Nanki-Poo, a young busker, as he searches for his heart's true love, Yum-Yum. However, a law against flirting and an arranged marriage to the fearsome Katisha soon causes things to take a turn for the worse.


Director - Aiden Heald

Producer - Ariane L'Heveder

Producer - Rory Williams

Musical Director - Ashton Brower

Choreographer - Dominic Lewis


Nanky Poo - Connor Macfarlane

Koko - Campbell Keith

Yum-Yum - Lucy Evans

Pitti Sing - Giselle Yonace

Peep Bo - Mary Davenport

Pooh Bah - Dominic Corbett

Pish Tush - Thomas Ware

Katisha - Elizabeth Galbraith

The Mikado - Cailean Morison