Harry MacGregor - President  [president@eusog.org]

Harry is a 4th year Economics and Politics student who has decided against any free time at all this year. Having started with EUSOG in his first year in ‘Chess’ he is excited/more than slightly confused to finish his time at Edinburgh as President!

Kirsten Millar - Vice-President  [vp@eusog.org]

Kirsten is a fourth year law student, whose favourite form of procrastination is performing and helping out with EUSOG. She’s incredibly excited to be spending the coming year as Vice President, and can’t wait for shenanigans to ensue.


Georgie Rodgers - Secretary  [secretary@eusog.org]

While some people might think that “edgy”, “musical theatre” and “love of lists” don’t mix, Georgie is hoping to combine all her passions in her new role as EUSOG Secretary. She vows to carry the boogie on into Third Year, be it on the Pleasance stage, the Cab Vol dance floor, or in the EUSOG Committee boardroom. She likes historical romance, spending time with loved ones, and long walks on the beach.

Brett McCarthy Harrop - Treasurer  [treasurer@eusog.org]



Julia Weingaertner - Publicity Manager  [publicity@eusog.org]

Julia is a second year student from the USA studying English Literature and History. She is thrilled to have refuge from the Trump presidency, and even more thrilled to have been granted asylum as EUSOG’s publicity manager.

Katy Galloway - Fundraising Manager  [fundraising@eusog.org]

Katy is a second year studying Linguistics and participating in as many musicals and plays as she can in her spare time! She loves organising things, mainly her friends, but also planning events, making fundraising manager a very enjoyable role for her!

Henry Coldstream - Fundraising Manager [fundraising@eusog.org]

Henry is a third year Linguistics & Philosophy student and is very excited to join the EUSOG committee having been involved wit the society since his first year. Outside of performing, he enjoys long brunches, artisan coffee houses and buying caps to wear indoors.


Holly Marsden - Social Secretary  [socials@eusog.org]

Holly is going into her fourth year studying History of Art. She only chose this degree to bag a prince. Deeming the search unsuccessful, she now dedicates all of her time to organized fun.


Sean Vannet - Ordinary Member [ordinary@eusog.org]

Rebecca Waites - Ordinary member [ordinary@eusog.org]

Rebecca is a third year performance costume student who enjoys the romantic nature of misty mornings and is very proud of her extensive collection of dangly earrings and cable knit jumpers. She may be small but she is very determined, as she proves by trying to squeeze as much as possible into every hour of the day and is very excited to add EUSOG committee to that list!