Julia Weingaertner - President  [president@eusog.org]


Julia is entering her fourth year of uni, and her third year of committee. Three whole years. What has kept her going? Is it the feeling of giving back to a theatre company she owes her passion for G&S and entire social life to, or is it the compulsion to annually organise the mountain of garbage in the disabled toilet we call a storage cupboard? The world will never know. Either way, Julia is excited to escape the USA and her responsibilities by throwing herself into EUSOG admin for one year more. Hail Poetry


Ewan Bruce- Vice-President  [vp@eusog.org]

Ewan is a third year chemistry student who happens to be revelling at the prospect of contacting alumni to support his favourite theatre society. Other hobbies include: doing the dishes, playing Perudo (in its purest form), and spending as little time as possible at the University of Edinburgh King’s Buildings



Mica Anderson - Secretary  [secretary@eusog.org]

Mica Anderson is EUSOG’s Secretary this year, and a third-year English Literature student. She has been performing since she was 5, in which she played Mary in her school’s Nativity play... and her twin brother played Joseph. Her love of theatre has only grown since then, and she is so excited to be serving on committee for the society that she loves so much!!


Livi Wollaston - Treasurer  [treasurer@eusog.org]

Hello I’m Livi and I love EUSOG because I get to do lots of fun things that other students don’t get to do like go to hive and eat nachos in teviot. I’m in my fourth year at Edi and my fourth year of EUSOG, just can’t get enough of G&S. EUSOG is a lovely lil family who always get on and have a ball, quite literally. And I get to budget it all which is actually kinda cool.


Georgie Carey- Publicity Manager  [publicity@eusog.org]

Georgie is going into her 3rd year of illustration at Edinburgh college of art. This is her 2nd year being involved with EUSOG and she has loved every second of it, performing in ‘The Producers’ and ‘Iolanthe’. She is a bit too passionate about Gilbert and Sullivan- neglecting her degree in a heartbeat favouring a chorus of ‘Hail Poetry’. But finally, she has found a way to marry her love of illustration, theatre AND social media in her involvement on the committee- a valiant attempt to beef up her CV. 


Amy Knowles - Fundraising Manager  [fundraising@eusog.org]

Amy Knowles is a 2nd year Philosophy and English Literature student. She was in three EUSOG shows in her first year , with her favourite part being Helene in Sweet Charity at the fringe. As well ass EUSOG she was in Lovesong at Bedlam. Amy also plays hockey and loves the sesh x


Leonie Findlay- Fundraising Manager [fundraising@eusog.org]

Leonie is a 3rd year English and History student, and a new initiate to the joys of committee life. She first joined EUSOG as part of the ensemble in The Sorcerer in 2018; a show which finally gave eggs, ham, and strawberry jam their rightful place on centre stage. Since then she’s also been Iolanthe, where fair is foul and fairies are regularly found in ponds. She’s looking forward to running bake sales and the likes for the next year with Amy, bring on Into The Woods!


Sally MacAlister- Social Secretary  [socials@eusog.org]

Sally, otherwise known as the consecutive gold medal winner for most deliveroos ordered during the exam period, is entering her fourth year of uni, and is yet to concede that she is really growing up. She has been on committee for roughly two long years, and loves nothing more than organising fun socials and fantastic events for the society. She has two arms, two legs, a head, a big love of musical theatre and that’s roughly it. You can find her howling at the moon any time someone mentions Meryl Streep. Long live the queen.