Committee 2016/2017

Lydia Carrington - President

This is Lydia's third year with EUSOG. She joined as a nervous Fresher but, during rehearsals as a street urchin in 'Little Shop of Horrors', has since discovered her inner sass. She assures everyone that this is purely acting, and encourages anyone who is interested in the society to drop her a message at any time. 

Will Briant - Vice-President

Will first found his love of Musical Theatre as a pianist and drummer for musical bands at the age of 12. Since then he has musically directed, accompanied and played in many different shows. Highlights include a fringe show about the first dog in space. Since arriving in Edinburgh he has musically directed Pirates of Penzance, Spring Awakening and [Title of Show].


Ellie Millar - Secretary 

Ellie is embarking on her third year with EUSOG. You may recognise her from her starring roles as pawn in white tights in Chess (2014). Now she puts her obsessive compulsive disorder to good use and bosses the committee about in her role as secretary. They love it really!

Harry McGregor - Treasurer

This year Harry decided any free time really wasn't for him and decided being Treasurer was a great way to achieve this, on top of his shows, his third year of Economics and Politics and an attempt at a social life. Favourite things include binge watching TV shows, late night runs and Dairy Milk.

Erica Belton - Publicity Manager

This year Erica was the only female policeman in EUSOG's Pirates of Penzance. It was tough being the only female amongst a cohort of singing, dancing and jumping policemen, but with her bellowing 'Tarantaras' she let them know who was really boss. She is addicted to salted popcorn and rarely frequents matching socks. 

And yes, she did go as Darla from Finding Nemo last Halloween. It is one of her greatest successes to date.

Holly Marsden - Fundraising Manager

Holly has recently performed in EUSOG's Spring Awakening, which helped her discover that singing an angsty rock ballad during tough times makes it all ok. The Addams Family musical taught her that she can avoid bus fares by passing as a young boy. This third year loves fluffy things, Chekhov, French history and glitter.

Kirsten Millar - Fundraising Manager

Kirsten is spending her third year doing as much theatre as she can to avoid adult responsibilities. She likes glitter and touching strangers' dogs in the meadows.

Tom Whiston - Social Secretary 

Tom finally found love while playing Frederick onstage in Pirates of Penzance this year, not with his betrothed Mabel, but with a disused lighting fixture in the wing stage right. As social secretary, he promises the bring fun with him wherever he goes, like Santa, but in fancy-dress. At the weekends he is available as a children's entertainer, for birthdays or bar mitzvahs.