In the final years of the Cold War, A Soviet and American come together to compete for the title of World Chess Champion, set to a score by Abba’s Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus with lyrics by Tim Rice. As they struggle for supremacy on the board their lives begin to become entangled. Now there is much more at stake than a title, as politics and romance soon begin to overshadow the game.

So what is really being played, the Game, or the Players


Director - Ethan Baird

Musical Director - Jay Cameron

Producer - Lucy Gibbons

Producer - Liz Mills

Production Manager - Tom Turner

Production Manager - Tim Matson

Choreographer - Samuel Burkett

Set Manager - Danya Bradley-Barnes

Stage Manager - Emily Aboud

Lighting Design - Lora Bedford



Florence - Lydia Carrington

Anatoly - Douglas Clark

Freddie - Tadgh Cullen

Molokov - Steven Segaud

Artiber - Giselle Yonace

Walter - Peter Green

Svetlana - Caroline Hickling

Alice Anning
Francesca Knope
Rachel Cram
Ruth Brown
Ari L'Heveder
Jessica Hooppell
Charlotte Weber
Esmee Cook
Caoiloinn McGarry
Ellie Millar
Harry MacGregor
Tim Pocock
Thomas Ware
Sean Marinelli
Nat Cutter
Ewan McAdam
Dominic Lewis
Nicolas Angelides